Sue Lewis Music Academy


Owner Instructor Sue Lewis
Sue Lewis earned her music degree from Portland State University in 2006, graduating with honors. In 1996 she won two Medals of Distinction for violin performance and music theory and a Merit Award from the Associated Board of the Royal School of Music, London, England for viola performance. She has performed in a variety of ensembles: musical theater orchestras, string quartets, the Vancouver Symphony, rock, jazz, tango, Middle Eastern, bluegrass and Celtic. Sue is the arranger and violinist of Mango Nights.
***Lesson Details***
Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass (Upright) and Piano
Special performance opportunities throughout the year 
Classical, jazz, fiddle, rock, tango, sacred, Celtic, folk 
Music theory and ear training  
Customized lessons using traditional and modern methods. 

"I endeavor to provide a fun, non intimidating environment for students while motivating them to achieve their highest potential by providing many performance opportunities throughout the year. The video below features one of my students, 14yo Selea Frost, appearing as a special guests with my band, Mango Nights". Sue Lewis

Beginning students learn several simple songs that teach great tone and rhythm using classical, folk, blues, rock, ragtime, bluegrass. Students learn concepts such as syncopation, rhythm, note reading, articulations, dynamics, asymmetrical time meters and and more. Each book comes with a CD with piano accompaniment which makes practicing at home enjoyable.  

Students are gradually introduced to scales, arpeggios, music theory, ear training and sight reading. All this works together to produce "the complete musician". The complete musician is a person who has excellent rhythm, pitch, note reading skills and creativity, a person who can enjoy and appreciate music in it's various forms over a lifetime whether it be for personal enjoyment or as a career. 

For more serious students who have the goal of auditioning for university scholarships, top youth orchestras or becoming a professional musician, an accelerated intensive course is available in partnership with the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music. In this program, the student is prepared for a once a year rigorous exam requiring the playing of select pieces, scales and arpeggios, sight reading and ear training. The candidate performs for the visiting Associated Board Examiner from London England and is graded on a point system. Upon passing the student receives a beautiful certificate and additional awards for high scores. Once a year at a separate time, a written exam for music theory is taken. The exams are graded 1 to 8 and can be classical or jazz depending on the candidate's choice. 
All ages welcome

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